Welcome to the interactive web schedule for the 2018 Dynamic Landscapes Conference! Click on the "Helpful Info" section below for tips on navigating this site, and building your own agenda. 

Under the heading "FILTER BY TYPE" in the navigation bar, you will see a list of options such as E, EM, EMH, M, H, etc. These indicate the target audience for the session. Some sessions target a range of ages (such as EM or elementary and middle levels) and others are more narrow (such as H or high school level only). Here is the key: 
  • P = Pre-K
  • E = Elementary
  • M = Middle
  • H = High
  • G = Graduate
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Cynthia Day

Green Mountain Performing Arts
Maker Educator
Waterbury, VT
Educator. Tutor. Tinkerer. Mild mathematical genius. MakerFaire enthusiast. Maker of things that move, things that light up, and things that make noise. Builder of things that get knocked down. Toy hacker and chain reaction builder. Re-user of stuff people throw away. Bulk buyer of batteries, micro-controllers, alligator clips, and hobby motors. Social media user. Coder of toys. Greenscreen video producer. Deep thinker. Aspiring podcaster. Avid Snapchatter. Downloader of all the apps. Owner of all the devices. Creator of cuteness, surprises, and messes. Fun haver. Reader. Grandmother of twins.